Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Anastasias Restaurant is a well known event venue at the weekends and it’s important to share with you some ground rules before you book & confirm your event.


These will help the evening to run smoothly and guarantee everyone has a great time with no misunderstandings.


Please read through these Ts & Cs


Before paying your deposit.

  1. The price for these events are Friday £31.50 Per person & Saturday £33.70 per person. This price includes; entrance, a choice of set menus, all entertainment, live DJ, Photographer and Breaking of plates, late license to 12am on Friday and 2am on Saturday.
  2. After a provisional booking is made you will need to pay a £15 non-refundable deposit to secure you place at the event. Non-refundable means that you will lose this deposit if the guest decides they do not want to go. It cannot then be applied to your table as a credit, but it is transferable to another guest.

Paying the balance

  1. The remainder of the balance is due 5 days before the event. Please either call the restaurant between 10-1pm or after 5pm to pay the balance over the phone or pop into the shop during these times.
  2. As these are our busiest days any guest that does not show on the night will lose all their monies paid. There are some exceptions, but proof will be needed.
  3. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the above further.
  4. It is imperative to understand that these evenings are sold as a package and the price reflects this.

Table decorations etc

  1. The tables will be ready for decorations on the morning of the event between 10-2pm
  2. Most decorations are welcome except balloons filled with paper confetti as these are impossible to clean up if the burst.
  3. Any explicit items must be shown to the manager beforehand so to check to children will be seated near.
  4. You may drop of a cake etc as well clearly labelled with your name.


  1. Please make sure guests know the name and surname the table is booked under and appx how many guests will be attending
  2. Guest are required to arrive 15 minutes before their booking and starters will be served 15 minutes after the agreed booking time. Late commers may lose their starter

Drinks on the night

  1. There will be no food bill on the night. Drinks are usually paid for by each guest as they go. However, if there is a drinks bill on the table the host will be the left with the ultimate responsibility to clear this. It is strongly advised with large parties you discuss this together and let the server know.
  2. Only alcohol bought at Anastasias can be consumed on the premises. Anastasias reserves the right to search your belongings and if found remove the alcohol to be returned to you when you leave.


  1. Food choices must be submitted no later than the Wednesday before your event.
  2. Food is served to the tables in the following way for the guests having; Bride & Hen: a starter & main course followed by a glass of Prosecco. Celebration Menu: in 5 courses, to share on the table in groups of 4. Followed by complimentary desserts. Please ask if don’t receive enough of any dish served to your table.
  3. If any guests have allergies, intolerance it is their responsibility to bring it to our intention before the event and on arrival at the restaurant. Some allergies are life threatening and it’s important that you have epi pens etc to hand in the event of an incident. Anastasias cannot be responsible for items brought into the restaurant by other guests.


  1. Please be seated when the entertainment starts, this allows other guests to enjoy the show as well.
  2. If you do not wish your photo to be taken, please notify the photographer and kindly remove yourself before group photos are taken.
  3. There will be no bar service during the show.
  4. Please do not use flash photography during the performance
  5. The plate smashing event can be dangerous and is done at the guests own risk. We advise closed toe shoes, no sandals or bare feet. Please follow the DJ’s instructions careful and only purpose made plates should be broken.
  6. The DJ will endeavour to play any special requests if he can fit it into his programme, but we cannot guarantee it. Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear it
  7. No drinks or glasses on the dance floor.
  8. We do not permit weapons on the premises and the police will be notified immediately.
  9. We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour and reserve the right to ask the offending person to leave.


Please, please, please, if there is anything you are not happy with on the night seek out either Costas or Maria, the owners, to discuss further the matter further and come to a resolution.