Party Menu

Friday & Saturdaynights

Please choose from the Party Menu below if your group is of 6 or more people.

If booking is for under 6 people you can also choose from our Dinner Menu

18 Dish Meze £26.95 each

The following is typical example of the Meze

Pitta Bread
Potato Salad
Olives & Peppers
Butter Beans

Vegetarian Dolmades
Beef Sausage
Meat Balls
Pork Souvlaki
Chicken Wings
Halloumi Cheese
Greek Salad

Party Menu - £26.95 per person

Starter, Main (or meze), Complimentary dessert, Coffee & Tea

Price also includes DJ, Dancing, Plate Smashing and other entertainment


Mini Meze (n) (v)
A selection of Greek appetisers including our homemade Greek dips
Houmous - served with Pitta Bread (v)
Taramasalata - served with Pitta Bread
Tsatziki - served with Pitta Bread (v)
Chicken Wings
Anastasias style sweet chilli chicken wings (4)
Traditional Cypriot halloumi cheese
Pastourma Sausage
A lightly spiced Greek beef sausage
A lightly spiced Greek pork sausage
Vegan Mini Meze (v)
Houmous, butter beams, beetroot, potato salad, lentils
Prawn Cocktail
Melon in season (v)

Tea & Coffee & Complimentary Profiteroles and Baklava

Main Courses

All main dishes are served with rice with mixed vegetables and salad

Kleftiko (supplement) £2.50
Served at feasts and celebrations, this traditional Greek lamb on the bone is gently seasoned with herbs and spices and cooked slowly in the oven. (Halal)
Pork Tava
Tender pieces of pork cooked in the oven with potatoes, onions, carrots tomato and courgettes.
Chicken Milanese
Chicken escalope coated in homemade breadcrumbs & deep fried. (Halal)
Beef Stifado
Lean beef, cubed and cooked with onions, red wine and red wine vinegar and a traditional blend of herbs and spices
A classic Greek dish of minced meat cooked in tomatoes & layered with aubergine, zucchini, potatoes, onions & bechamel sauce
Chicken Santorini
Pan fried tender breast of chicken topped with cheese, lountza & tomato salsa
Beef Sirloin Steak (supplement) £2.50
Plain grilled, or served with a creamy pepper sauce
Home-made meatballs with minced lamb and cooked gently in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, bread crumbs, olive oil and spices
Anastasias Greek Burger
Delicious home made burger served with halloumi cheese, salad and chips
Anastasias Greek Burger
Delicious home made burger served with halloumi cheese, salad and chips
Vegetarian Platter (v)
Mousaka, Spinach Parcels with feta cheese, fried halloumi cheese, greek salad
Vegan Platter (vegan)
Mousaka, vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, okra cooked in salsa sauce served with a side salad

Deposit required £10 per person non-refundable on tables of 6 or more.

Without your deposit we cannot guarantee your table

(v) is for vegetarian

Payment by credit card accepted, minimum charge £10. Service charge of 10%. VAT is included

*Plate smashing not always available. Plate smashing is entirely at your own risk, we do not accept responsibility for any injuries caused.

**We list only the main ingredients in our dishes. If you have a dietary restriction or require further information on the allergen content of our dishes please ask a member of staff for assistance. We are unable  to guarantee that any menu item is completely allergen free.

***Due to the formation of our table seating plans. On busy nights we cannot always accommodate requests to move tables.