Mother’s Day Menu

mother's day

This Mother’s Day @Anastasias we are offering two exciting ways to celebrate with your family & friends

Ala Carte menu with a large selection of Greek and Mediterranean starters & main courses


Afternoon tea with a Greek theme.


Mini Meze (n) (v) £9.95
A selection of Greek appetisers including our homemade Greek dips
Spanakopita (v) £5.95
Our homemade spinach pie, fetta and onions wrapped in filo pastry
Taramasalata (v) £4.25
A delicious home-made Greek dip made from smoked cod roe, olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Tzatziki (v) £4.25
Home-made Greek yoghurt dip with chopped cucumber, mint and garlic
Houmous (v) £4.25
Home-made Greek dip with chickpeas, garlic, olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Greek Salad (v) £4.25
Pitta Gemisti £6.50
Pitta bread filled with spicy minced meat and tomatoes, served with Tzatziki
Pastourma £5.95
A spicy beef Greek sausage
Halloumi (v) £6.50
Smoked Greek ham topped with fried halloumi cheese
Fetta Cheese (v) £5.25
With olive oil and oregano
Greek Pork Sausage £5.95
Marinated in red wine then grilled
Avocado and Fetta (v) £6.50
Avocado filled with fetta cheese and tapenade topped with cherry tomatoes, dressed with olive oil and oregano
Piperi Me Fetta (v) £5.50
Sweet red peppers marinated in olive oil and vinegar, topped with fetta cheese and onions
Chicken Livers £6.50
Sauteed chicken livers cooked with fresh cream, sherry vinegar, fresh tomato sauce, served on toast
Mediterranean Baked Vegetables (v) £6.25
Layers of aubergine, potatoes, onions, baked in tomato garlic sauce topped with grated kasseri cheese
Sweet Galia Melon with fruits of season (v) £4.50

Fish Starters

Mini Fish Meze (n) (v) £11.95
Kalamari, whitebait, torpedo prawns, tuna salad, anchovies & taramasalata
Fish Cakes £6.95
Garnished with salad and fresh lemon wedges
Prawn Cocktail £6.95
Deep Fried Torpedo Prawns £6.95
Served with our homemade taramasalata
Sauteed Giant Prawns £7.50
Served with garlic, white wine, butter & lemon juice, sprinkled with fresh parsley
Kalamari £6.95
Deep fried rings of squid
Fried Breaded Whitebait £6.50

Dishes from the Charcoal Grill

Fish Main Course Dishes

All main dishes are served with rice and salad garnish

Greek Mixed Grill £14.95
Lamb chop, pork souvlakia, chicken souvlakia, meat ball, spicy Greek sausage and halloumi cheese
Corfu Souvlakia £14.50
Tender pieces of lamb fillet grilled on skewers with mushrooms & red peppers
Chicken Shashlik £13.50
Delicious pieces of tender chicken breast marinated in spices and grilled on skewers with onions, mushrooms and sweet red pepper
Lamb Chops £14.95
4 tender grilled lamb chops cooked to your choice
Pork Fillet Souvlakia £13.95
Cooked on charcoal grill
Sirlion Steak £15.50
Plain grilled, or served with a creamy pepper sauce

Sword Fish A La George £14.95
Baked in the oven with a courgette, tomato, onion & white wine and parsley
Fish Souvlakia £15.50
Giant prawns, swordfish, grilled peppers & onion, cooked on skewers & grilled on charcoal
Giant Prawns £15.50
Sauteed in white wine, served with garlic butter sauce
Sea Bass Fillets £15.95
Fresh fillet of sea bass grilled, with fresh lemon juice, herbs & olive oil
Kalamari £13.95
Deep fried squid

Greek Main Dishes

Kleftiko £14.95
Traditional Greek dish with lamb on the bone, cooked slowly in the oven with herbs and spices
Stifado £13.50
Tender lean beef casserole cooked with onions, red wine, vinegar & a traditional blend of herbs and spices
Afelia £13.50
Tender pieces of pork, marinated in red wine, vinegar, crushed coriander seeds, olive oil, served with potatoes
Keftedes £12.95
Home-made meatballs with minced lamb and cooked gently in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, olive oil and spices
Mousaka £13.50
A classic Greek dish of minced meat cooked in tomatoes & layered with aubergine, zucchini, potatoes, onions & bechamel sauce
Vegetarian Mousaka (v) £12.95
Chicken Helen of Troy £13.50
Chicken breasts sauteed in black olives, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, herbs, white wine & a touch of cream sauce
Chicken with Spanaki & Fetta £13.50
Pan fried chicken breast, stuffed with spinach & fetta cheese, sauteed in a white wine & creamy sauce
Chicken Santorian £13.50
Pan fried tender breast of chicken topped with cheese, lountza & tomato salsa
Garlic chicken £13.50
Tender marinated chicken thighs, with garlic, onions, fresh lemon juice, white wine, oregano, sauteed gently in olive oil
Chicken a la Creme £13.50
Chicken breast, with a creamy mushroom, onion & white wine sauce
Chicken Milanese £12.95
Chicken escalope coated in homemade breadcrumbs & deep fried

Side Dishes & Extras

Greek Salad (v) £4.25
Tomato & Onion Salad (v) £3.50
Grilled Tomatoes (v) £2.50
Garlic Mushrooms (v) £3.00
Fresh Fried Potatoes (v) £2.50
2 Pitta Bread’s (v) £1.00

(v) is for vegetarian

Payment by credit card accepted. Service charge of 10%. VAT is included

We list only the main ingredients in our dishes. If you have a dietary restriction or require further information on the allergen content of our dishes please ask a member of staff for assistance. We are unable  to guarantee that any menu item is completely allergen free.